Cortex Chaos (also known as The All-New Cortex Show) was a cancelled Crash Bandicoot series spinoff starring series antagonist Doctor Neo Cortex that was in development by Traveller's Tales Oxford Studio, the team behind Crash Twinsanity. The game's targeted platforms are unknown but it is safe to assume that the title would have at least been released for the PlayStation 2.

Development Edit

The game's development started after Crash Twinsanity was finished when the Traveller's Tales Oxford Studio believed that Vivendi Universal Games would let them continue developing games for the series. However, the game never made it far into development and never got past the concept stage before Vivendi Universal placed it on the "backburner for a later date".

One of the game's first ideas were a gameplay style similar to the Pikmin series where Cortex would command a group of little Cortex clones to do tasks. Another idea was that Cortex was kicked out of the "Evil Scientist league" due to him teaming up with Crash Bandicoot in Twinsanity. The group of villains would have now been led by Doctor Nefarious Tropy and were comprised of N. Trance, Doctor Nitrus Brio, Doctor N. Gin, and Nitros Oxide. For unknown reasons, the group would be trying to get revenge on Cortex. Each level of the game would have been centered around one of the doctors similar to how the Mega Man series has levels based on each Robot Master. The game would have also introduced new villains who would have joined N. Tropy's team such as the pharaoh/mummy-like Doctor N. Tombed, the clown-like Doctor N. Tertain, and the plant-themed Doctor N. Tangle. Another idea involved Nina and also allowed Cortex access to some weapon upgrades.

In January 2012, Keith Webb, one of the key artists of Crash Twinsanity, was interviewed by Crash Mania. He promised if his game Go! Go! Kokopolo sells enough and if his company Tanukii Studios Limited grows enough that he would approach Activision to see if he could secure the rights to finish Cortex Chaos.[1]